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God Encounters (April 2019)

FOR >> All who are hungry for Jesus

Paul had one. Zacchaeus had one. The Samaritan woman had one, and their lives never remained the same! We are talking about an encounter with the living God!

The word ‘encounter’ simply means to ‘run into’; and running into God is the best thing that can happen to us!  One God encounter is enough to catapult you into your destiny and grant you access to things that you never dreamed of. We need an encounter because only an encounter with God can transform us and give us purpose and direction like no other.

God Encounter is not about a one-time dramatic experience but an ongoing leading of the Holy Spirit for our lives.  This book by Pastors Derrick & Kim will push you towards your God encounter.

Three Questions from the Holy Spirit to Keep You from Falling (Sep 2018)

FOR >> All who consider themselves disciples of Jesus

At various intervals in my life, the precious Holy Spirit asked me three profound questions that I can never forget. And through this book I want to share them with you.

These are not meant to be one-time questions with one-time answers! But if you are a disciple of Jesus, you will hold them near. Like frontlets between your eyes, they will keep you focussed and sure footed as you pursue Jesus.

I pray that God will give us the grace to understand the depth of these questions. And may all that we do in response, glorify His name!

It’s Your Turn For A Beautiful Pregnancy (Oct 2013)

FOR >> Those Contemplating Marriage | Married Couples | Pregnant Women |Those Going Through Barrenness

The nine months of pregnancy more often than not conjure images of fear, anxiety, pain and suffering. But this is far from what God intended it to be.

This book authored by Kim Dsouza will set you free from your pregnancy fears and you will understand God’s perspective of pregnancy as per His Word.

Media Nuts & Bolts for your Ministry (Dec 2017)

FOR >> Pastors and leaders | Creative Christians| Christian Media Enthusiasts

Media (Branding, TV, Radio, Internet, Print etc) can help your ministry to reach the unreached in a faster, louder and a better way. Media has the power to influence and it’s time we get intentional in the way we use it- not to show how cool our ministry is, but to show how cool our God is.

I am sure your church/ ministry has been using media in some form or the other. But this book by Kim D’Souza will help you to raise the bar.

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