Ten Unsung Bible Heroes & their Priceless Legacy

Nobody knows their names. But, without them, the Bible would be incomplete.  We call them heroes because through what they did or the way they lived, they impacted destinies and brought great joy to God’s heart.

Among the Abrahams, Noahs, Peters and Pauls of the Bible, it is so easy for us to miss their stories, but they can’t miss the eyes of God. Whether it was Saul’s servant, Naaman’s slave, Samson’s mother, or others, these unsung heroes of the Bible left a priceless legacy.

In this short devotional book, we have 10 Jesus lovers sharing about an unnamed person in the Bible whose life story impacted them.

You see in the kingdom of God our titles or names don’t matter, but what matters is our level of surrender to God.

We dedicate this book to YOU, precious reader, because no matter how small or insignificant your calling may look, when you choose to walk in obedience to God, you can leave a priceless legacy for your generations to come.

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A Big Thank You to Our Contributors

(In Alphabetical Order)

Alisha Jose

Anne Mathew

Isabel Ireland

Martina Neekala

Pou Lin Chang

Ria Samuel

Rinku Padiyar

Ruta Miller

Sheryl Gadre

Shyni Varghese