Don’t Let That Woman Take Your Daily Portion!

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Christian Walk, Leadership

September 10, 2021

By Pastor Derrick D’souza

By Pastor Derrick D’souza

When Jesus said, “who touched me for I discerned power leave me!!”
(Based on Luke 8:43-48)

For whose benefit do you think He said that for?
A) the woman who touched him
B) the crowd or
C) the disciples

Most believe it was for A! But I believe it was for A and C.

As their spiritual father on earth, Jesus was passing a subtle yet strong hint to His disciples. He was saying to them indirectly, “You are with me always yet no power has been drawn out for me with your proximity but here a woman who is far away comes and takes away what could be your portion DAILY.”

​Could we also be missing to receive this power from the Lord in our lives?

Let’s learn to touch the Lord.

Touch Him in the spirit.

Here are three keys:

1) Speak the Word to yourself

The woman (Matt 9:21) kept saying to herself what she believed. Similarly get into the Word and start speaking it back to yourself and hold fast to your confession of the Word (Heb 10:23) for they are Spirit and life. (John 6:63)

2) Your Daily Habit

The fervent and effectual prayer of the righteous man availeth much (James 5:16). Keep a designated time for communion and make a habit of persistent and effective prayer.

3) Move out in faith

Get out of your safe zone and move out in faith on what you have prayed and believed for and know to be true (Heb 11:8), like the woman with the issue of blood. And you WILL meet God, just as Abraham met HIM once he moved OUT of his Father’s house to the land God showed him.

Beloved, God is waiting for you today to take a hold of Him and receive power in your life, don’t delay!

Touch Him in the spirit.

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