(By Kim)

TD Canada Trust, a Canadian bank recently came out with a ‘Thank You’ video dedicated to its customers. As I post this, the video has crossed 4 million views on YouTube within 4 days of its launch.

TDThankYou Video

#TDThankYou Video

The video shows how an ATM machine gets converted to an “automatic thanking machine” and starts surprising its customers by dispensing a unique gift to each of them.

A single mom, who said she has never been able to take her kids anywhere, was given a trip to Disney Land.

An elderly mother was given tickets to visit her daughter battling cancer in Trinidad.

And an avid Blue Jays fan was greeted by a player at the bank who told him he’d be throwing the first pitch out at a baseball game.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the video:

Why I thought of sharing it with you

Two reasons: One,  I am in love with media, and creative things happening here excite me. It’s amazing how a 4 minute marketing campaign can impact millions of people across the globe. That’s the power of media! And I like it when media is used for the right reason – to bring hope into hopeless lives.

Two, I realized somewhere deep down in every heart, there is a need to be accepted and valued, even if that comes out through a simple ‘thank you’. Small acts of kindness go a long way. Let’s make a choice to value the lives around us, to love unconditionally and forgive instantly. I know it isn’t as easy as it sounds, but God says His grace is sufficient!

So don’t wait for another day. This week intentionally choose to walk that extra mile and do something special for someone that you have never done before.

And once you do, don’t forget to share with us below!