“You will all fall away…But after I have risen, I will go ahead of you…”
(Mark 14:27-28, Bible)

As a Christian, the journey of life is anything but easy. I have come across so many believing men and women of God who have endured trials and hardships in a manner that my words fall short. And then, there are many who are still wresting with their storms by faith. These are people who have entwined themselves with God so deeply that they always project a joyful countenance-always loving, laughing, praising, hoping…

No doubt this attitude is so encouraging. But I didn’t realize when it birthed a question in my heart, a question which grew louder with time.

Tomorrow if a raging storm surfaces in my life, WHERE WILL I STAND?

When I see men still holding on ,And I hear them testify all along
When the going was tough and
There were reasons to quit
They could have, but they didn’t
With my eyes closed I think,
I am running this race of faith
With lifted heart and raised hands
But when it is my time of test
Where will I stand?



Will I still hang on and believe in my breakthrough from God? Will I be able to put a strong face and encourage others? Will I keep pressing on joyfully and faithfully?


Do you at times sense your spirit asking the same question? Or maybe you are already going through a storm in your life wondering whether you will be able to reach ashore without the waters drowning your faith?

Well, I did receive my answer–IN CHRIST, I WILL STAND. Did I forget that His grace is much beyond my weakness? My grace is enough; it’s all you need. (2 Corinthians 12:9, The Message Bible) Not by my wisdom, Not by my works, but by His grace I will stand.