Have you ever seen a reed?

It is basically a thin strip of cane or similar material (see picture) placed in the mouthpiece of various wind instruments like clarinets and saxophones. When a musician blows wind into the mouthpiece, the reed inside vibrates and produces sound. Reeds come in different sizes, thickness and make depending on the instrument within which it is to be placed.

One day out of curiosity I stepped into a music store. I simply wanted to check out a particular type of reed, that I had heard the Bible speak of— a bruised reed.

On hearing this, the salesman at the counter remarked with a sneering look, “You mean a bruised reed? We don’t sell any bruised ones. In fact, nobody does. Once a reed develops a crack or a bruise, it is thrown off simply because it sounds bad and is no longer of any use to the musician.”

Well, the musician of this world may not value bruised reeds. But I know about the Musician of life who does!

A bruised reed he will not break…Isaiah 42:3 (The Bible)

To others your existence may not be of much worth, but in the eyes of God you are invaluable and irreplaceable, no matter how broken or cracked your life is. He can still lift you up as His mouthpiece and birth forth music out of your brokenness.

Would you give yourself to Him today?