(By Kim)

Hello! We are the two tiny copper coins mentioned in the gospel of Mark 12: 41-44. And guess what, we can speak! And, we are here to tell you our story—how we were not worth more than a fraction of cents in the eyes of the world, until one day a GIVER raised our worth in the eyes of the Son of God.

It so happened that day, exchanging hand after hands we landed up with this extremely poor widow. Honestly speaking, we felt nice. While others looked down upon us as nothing more than a spare to be given away, for this helpless widow who didn’t know when her next meal was coming from, we were of immense worth.

That night her eyes were puffed up with tears. She clenched us tight in her fist and soon fell asleep. Somehow we knew it was our last night with her. And sure enough at daybreak she got up, still holding us tight and with hurried steps she started walking down the street.

We were prepared for what was coming. For certain, she would trade us to buy a meal for herself. It felt sad to separate from her, but seeing her sorry state we were satisfied that we could be of some help.

But then to our amazement, something different happened! The widow took a quick turn towards the temple. We were puzzled …What was she up to? Was she going to the temple to beg for alms? But then why take us?

Soon the widow quietly stood in the temple treasury queue, hiding us behind her back. Through her rough fingers we could see many rich people throwing in large amounts in the treasury box. And then her turn came. She dropped us both in the same box and quietly disappeared into the crowd. The temple crowd was so busy whispering about the huge offerings of the rich that they overlooked that poor widow.

Not one saw, Not one knew what she did. But Hallelujah, the eyes of Jesus, the Son of God were upon her! While others gave out of their extra, we were all that the widow had to survive on and she could easily trade us for good, but she chose to let go. We could hear Jesus telling his disciples that because of that woman’s heart our value was much more than the big Shekels in the box.

We felt so proud! She made us worthy in the master’s sight; much worthy than sum of all the offering that might have got collected that day. We realized that we were not her provider, but someone else was and her total dependency was on Him! Her treasure was not ‘US’, but ‘JESUS’.

Wow, we thought-What a great-hearted GIVER she was! And if Jesus could hear our words, we would hear Him say—Wow, what a great-hearted LOVER she was!

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