(By Kim)

In our previous post, we spoke about how men and women who are after God’s heart have this common characteristic ~ they are in an untiring pursuit of Him.

But is this untiring pursuit possible?

In in this regard, let me share with you a vision that I saw long back that encourages me everytime I remember it. I am extremely grateful to my friend Suzzane Karkada, who used her time and creativity to sketch it out for me. (Isn’t she a master at it? :-))

Man walking behind Jesus

I saw Jesus walking and I saw a man walking behind Jesus. Now the path that Jesus was walking on was not a smooth path. In fact it was a very rough and it had different terrains in quick intervals – sometimes mountains, then rivers, suddenly deserts, then valleys and likewise.


And in my vision, I also saw Jesus walking very fast and whenever He encountered a barrier in front of Him, Jesus would just skim over it with super ease. So when there was water in His path, Jesus would swiftly walk over it or if there was a mountain in front, He would climb over it and reach the other side within seconds.

And Jesus kept walking…


But throughout my vision, not even once did I see Jesus stopping, slowing down or even turning back to look at the man who was following Him. And this man was struggling at every step of his journey.

This really disturbed me and I said, “Jesus, that’s not fair. Please, you need to help that man. At least look behind to see what’s happening to him!”


And as I said that, God showed me the complete picture. There were actually three figures walking in my vision – Jesus, the man and the Holy Spirit.

As the man was walking behind Jesus, Holy Spirit was walking behind him! And every time the man would fall, the Holy Spirit would lift Him up, every time he would get discouraged, the Holy Spirit would comfort and encourage Him.


You see my dear friend, when you and I choose to pursue Jesus, we don’t walk alone – Holy Spirit, our teacher, comforter and counsellor is with us and in us. And it’s also not that you will never face any problems, but remember you are never alone in your problems, the Holy Spirit will lift you up and carry you and help you to walk, as long as you are walking behind Jesus.

Hope this vision encourages you to pursue Jesus even more relentlessly! Oh, how we need Him!

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