A father-daughter duo along with a bicycle, daily I noticed them—she was learning to pedal and he was assisting her. On the first day, the little girl seemed pretty nervous as she sat on the bike. With shuddering hands she turned to confirm whether her father was there. His brawny hands were holding the bike from behind and rest assured, she started to apply force. The concerned father never, even for a second withdrew his hands.

Good Father

Omnipotent father

This went on for a few days and soon the daughter’s confidence began to soar. But still, she never missed to look behind for her father. And, as always, he was there, gripping her bike, and her faith.

But one day as the daughter started to pedal, the father slowly removed his hands from behind. The daughter whizzed past with expertise thinking that her beloved father was holding the bike. Little did she realize that he was left far behind. And there he was, smiling at her victory.

Isn’t our relationship with God on same lines? He is the omnipotent almighty Father who holds our hands as we struggle through the rough patches of life. With his calming assurance we feel secure. But there are times when he leaves our hand because he wants us to learn the realities of life. His hand may leave us but his eternal love will never cease, as he watches from far behind, smiling at our victory.