An open letter to our dear son Jeremiah
(By Derrick & Kim)

Dear Jeremiah,

It seems just yesterday that we were picturing you in our minds. Time indeed flies. You are already three months now and much more adorable than we could ever imagine. You are so little, yet so full of life! We enjoy the way you snuggle in our arms. We melt when you wink and smile lavishly at everyone. And oh how we love to talk to each other; isn’t it? You gurgle, you coo and sometimes scream too! Not sure how much you understand what we say, but here are ten things we want you to know and treasure in your life forever:

1.    If there is something that is worth loving and living for in this life, it has to be the name of JESUS. There’s no one in this world who can love you more than Jesus. Love Him with all your heart and hold His finger tight (just as you grip our fingers now!) This is our deepest desire.

dj small 2.    You are different. You are chosen. You are ordained. You are appointed even before you were conceived. You are here for a specific purpose (Jeremiah 1:5). Take no rest till you find out what pleases God (Ephesians 5:10). This, my son no one will be able to do for you, however, we will always be there to guide you and teach you what we ourselves have learned by walking with Jesus.

3.    Dream big. Remember the God who created you is big. Walk on unchartered paths, stretch beyond your tent, move beyond your weaknesses and rise above the set standards.  Dare to walk according to His Word relentlessly, shamelessly, untiringly and joyfully.

4.    Fear no man. When the Lord is on your side, there’s nothing that man can do (Psalm 118:6). Instead fear God and walk in His ways. Always.

5.    Soon you will realize that life is not easy for those who choose to walk the narrow way (word) and abandon the broad way (world). But with Jesus, you will overcome all that comes your way. Be filled with the joy of the Lord all the time. That will be your strength.

6.    We love to watch you closely when you are fast asleep. There’s so much of peace on your face. Often when you get up, you look around and then you cry seeing no one next to you. We know this because we are looking at every move of yours from the corner of the door where your tiny eyes cannot reach. Similarly there may be times in your life when you may not sense the presence of your heavenly father, but remember you are never alone. He is mindful of you and His eyes are always upon you.

7.    Sometimes Mama and Dada will be harsh in disciplining you. When it happens, don’t get upset; knowKJ small that minor corrections help stay on course. You may not understand us at that time but know that God disciplines whom He loves (Hebrews 12:6) and we will choose to discipline you because we love you.

8.    Whatever you receive freely through Jesus, promise us that you will freely give to others. Value lives. Love and encourage all those whom God assigns in your path. Never take anything for granted. Always give thanks.

9.    Till the time you grow big and fully understand this beautiful word called ‘Grace’, remember without Jesus you are nothing. Remain humble before men and before God.

10.    Last, but not the least. WE LOVE YOU, and will continue to love you, no matter what. You have a lifetime ahead of you, and we are so excited to be by your side and watch you become the man you ought to be. We promise we will leave no stone unturned to give you the wonderful life you deserve!

Love, kisses and hugs
Dada & Mama