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Four years ago on 26 Nov 2008 terrorists attacked various hotspots of Mumbai, India including Cama Hospital. In this post we feature the testimony of Thomas Uledar –How Jesus saved him and hundreds of others in the hospital on that day. Thomas is a believer based out of Mumbai and is actively involved in children’s ministry. Read this hair-raising testimony in his own words. 

My sister was admitted in Cama Hospital just adjacent to CST station, Mumbai. She delivered a baby girl on Nov 25 2008, but her baby had slight complications due to which she was kept in the incubator.

The next day on Nov 26,  ten of us including me and my family members went to visit her. It was quite late–about 9.30 pm that we decided to go back home. We wanted to leave in two groups– five of us had left earlier and the rest of us were preparing to leave the hospital. Suddenly, the five who had left 15 minutes before came running back into the hospital shouting that terrorists are firing bullets at the nearby CST station. We all started running back into the hospital as we saw the two terrorists Abu and Ajmal Kasab entering into the building premises. They shot dead two security guards at the entrance.

We, the ten of us, all believers in Jesus, immediately began cautioning people to hide wherever they could. My mother and aunty went into the 2nd floor where my new born niece was in the ICU. Rest of us ran to the 5th floor to be with my sister. There were many other ladies in the ward and we tried to secure the doors but could not as there was no lock inside. Hence we tied the gate outside the doors with a piece of cloth and switched off all the lights in the ward.

After few minutes I noticed that one tube-light at the 5th floor corridor was on and so I went out of the room to switch it off and my younger brother-in-law and one of my friends followed me. However I could not locate the switch and when I turned back to head for the ward, I saw the two terrorists coming up the stairway and they were armed with rifles and guns.

As I saw them, I was stunned. At this time I prayed in my heart  “Father I am coming home, receive me because I felt there was now no way of escape. However that moment somehow fear left me as I was reminded of God’s word- The Lord has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of a sound mind” (II Timothy 1:7). Kasab came directly towards me and pointing his rifle at my chest asked “Where are the other people”? I replied “I don’t know as I came running up the stairs”.

At this time they saw my brother-in-law and they caught hold of him too and then they asked me what is this? I replied “This is a hospital sir people are already half dead here”. He looked at me in anger and took us inside the ward.

In the meantime my friend was hiding under the nurse’s desk holding a scissors in his hand thinking of attacking Abu but the Lord gave him the wisdom not to use the scissors because the Word of God says “For all who take the sword will perish by the sword” (Matthew 26:15). Suddenly Abu saw him and asked him to stand with us.

We were then told to lie down on our stomachs and both the terrorists started loading their rifles, after which we were asked to stand with our hands up. Then Abu started looking around for more people in the ward like a hungry lion. But the Lord took control of each and everything. The most incredible thing was that there were many newborn babies and some ladies who had undergone operation just few hours back but nobody made any kind of noise. I believe the Holy Spirit took control over the little babies and all were protected and remained unharmed.

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