October 22,2022

Prophetic Arrival: 10 Powerful Quotes That Can Make You Dangerous

By Pastors Derrick & Kim D’souza

By Pastors Derrick  & Kim D’souza

Last week we had the privilege to meet our spiritual father Prophet Shyju Mathew (founder of Revive Nations) in Bangalore, and feast on all that God in His grace released through him. We were edified and placed on a higher dimension by the voice of God . This was not just any other conference, or any other sermon delivered, but we could sense the hand of God moving over our lives, and in our hungering and hearing pushing us to Kingdom greatness.

In this post, we thought of sharing with you 10 powerful quotes from this conference.


1. Anytime you blame something external for your problems, you cannot make an internal change.

2. God cannot trust you with His power, until He has seen that you have passed the test of consistency.

3. Listen Elijah: Up the mountain is where you get your assignment from God, not under the juniper tree.

4. A child of God becomes dangerous when he starts thinking. It is heart-breaking to see genuine lovers of Jesus, yet they live miserable lives due to lack of understanding. That’s why the Bible says, my people perish because of lack of understanding.

5. Greatness must be pursued. It’s not by accident or coincidence that people become great but because of the choices they make.

6. The Kingdom of God doesn’t function on sympathy. That’s why Jesus didn’t give the one shekel to the one who had less but to the one who had more.

7. Your garden is your responsibility. If there’s a snake in your garden, God is not going to help you. It’s your responsibility to monitor your garden and kill the snake.”

8. God demoted the devil from walking on his feet to crawling on his belly. Therefore when the devil is trying to fight you he’s still on his belly, under your feet but you are standing upright.

9. What you can’t kill, become good at caging it. Because when God’s anointing is upon your life, it will start magnifying even your weaknesses. The devil then no longer has to fight you, all he has to do is instigate that part of you.

10. A beloved son is the one whom the man of God can correct, while a faithful son is the one who will remain faithful until the time of rebuke. Become a beloved!


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