(By Derrick)

Is God calling you to do something that seems impossible? Are you stuck or struggling to move into your God ordained destiny?

Well, have you considered the Power of your Imagination? Check out this video of Derrick’s:



  • The ability to imagine is one of the most powerful tools in the hands of the child of God. This ability is given to each one of us.
  • Whatever God has planted in your heart – first you need to see it on the inside before you see it materialize on the outside.
  • Imagination speeds up the process of delivery.
  • Most of us use the gift of imagination in the wrong way (contrary to God’s Word). That’s why we are in the place we are.
  • Imagination is sparked by God thoughts that are given in accordance to his Word.

 Any questions?

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PS: This is our first attempt to shoot a video and the funny part is that shooting it was not as difficult as trying to have it uploaded.  In the process we lost little clarity. But we promise, next time we will do better.

Also, if you are familiar with You Tube uploads and have basic video editing knowledge and would like to volunteer to help us, please email us at: olivemediacom@gmail.com