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Founded by Pastors Derrick and Kim, the vision of Pursue Him International is simply to Raise Jesus. And we do that through Ministry (First unto the Lord, and then unto men), Mentoring (Sow into raising of Kingdom Influencers) and Media (Bring the Gospel into limelight through media).

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Why I Love Clouds

Why I Love Clouds

(By Kim) I love clouds. They remind me of my life's purpose. As God created clouds for a purpose (Psalm 135:7), He created you and me for a purpose (Jeremiah 1:5). Let's be super-focused on what we have been called to. There's a lot at stake and the children of God...

My Testimony of Supernatural Pregnancy & Child Birth!

My Testimony of Supernatural Pregnancy & Child Birth!

Hello readers, don't miss reading this beautiful testimony of supernatural pregnancy and childbirth as shared our dear friend Sasha Singh from Bengaluru. Let this encourage you to believe what the Word of God says: With Him all things are possible!  My journey of...

6 Principles Every Minister Should Know

6 Principles Every Minister Should Know

(By Derrick) 1. Service should be the heart of your ministry The heart of the five-fold ministry in the church whether it is Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor or Teacher is service unto the Lord and unto His people. The church doesn't need your gifts as much as...

6 Keys to Break the Temptation Trap (II)

6 Keys to Break the Temptation Trap (II)

This post is the continuation and the conclusion of our previous post on temptation. See Help!I am Getting Tempted to read the first part. 3. Guard your senses The Bible says: Guard your heart for out of it flows the issues of life and the easiest way to guard your...

Help, I Am Getting Tempted! (Part 1)

Help, I Am Getting Tempted! (Part 1)

(By Kim) Temptation, simply put, is a desire birthed in your flesh that is in direct conflict with God's standards and can take you off course from the plan of God for your life. We live in a fallen world and so none of us is temptation-proof. But the problem starts...

How Should We Give? 5 Pointers!

How Should We Give? 5 Pointers!

(By Kim) This is post no 7 and the concluding post in our series 'Seeking the Heart of God For Your Finances'. In our previous post we spoke about giving and why should we give. Let's see in this post how are we supposed to give. Please do let us know how the series...

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Not that I am seeking a gift, but I am looking for the fruit that may be credited to your account. (Philp 4:17)

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