(By Derrick) 

Recently my wife happened to order a phone from Amazon. For safety purpose, while purchasing anything high-end online, I usually check demo videos of unpacking. This helps me understand and make note of all contents that are included with the product as well as provide me detail on what to expect in terms of quality and original packaging.

Within a couple of days the phone arrived, but as we unpacked the case we noticed that the phone came without the front and back protective transparent guards. Further, when I put the phone on, instead of taking me to the set up and welcome screen (as indicated in the online demo), it took me directly to the homepage with all the icons.

Needless to say we felt cheated. My wife, who normally is quiet and timid, rose up with righteous anger to claim a new replacement for the phone. She was upset that even after spending for a brand new phone, it seemed that she had been provided with a ‘used’ handset. She frantically started making calls to Amazon and was not at rest till the replacement was done.

The Holy Spirit spoke to me through this incident. I began to understand how we get provoked to anger so easily about material blessings that do not conform to the earthly standards, but are so complacent and nonchalant even when we live our lives way below the spiritual blessings that the Word of God has provided!

As you read this, I want to you to get violent concerning the things of God that have been given to you in Christ Jesus. You cannot accept mediocrity, poverty, sickness, condemnation, depression, addictions, etc that come through this world. For we have been delivered from the kingdom of darkness and bought into the kingdom of his son whom He loves (Colossians 1:13).

The price has been paid in full! There is no lack in His Kingdom! You and I should be reigning in this life through the abundant provision of grace and righteousness provided by Jesus (Romans 5:17).

Stop being cheated!

Believe God’s Word and start boldly declaring to yourself, your body, your bank account, your debt, your failures and addictions that you are no longer going to accept and submit to the bondage of this world because the exchange has been completed.

Believe for revival in your church, look forward to the dead being raised and expect the supernatural to become natural!

If the temporary things of this world can make us so restless, how much more restless should we be concerning our salvation package that Jesus paid for?


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