Do This To Mature Fast in God!!!

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Christian Walk, Leadership

By Pastor Kim D’souza

By Pastor Kim D’souza

Maturity in the kingdom of God is not seen in the number of scriptures you can quote, or the number of demons you are able to cast out.

It is not in how many footfalls your church can boast of and it doesn’t depend on the number of years you are in the Lord. Haven’t we seen enough people in the churches, who for years have been attending church, yet they are stunted in the way they understand the things of God and are merely surviving life?

For me, maturity is how much you resemble Jesus – In your character and in your works. Simply put, maturity is when your legs fit in Jesus’ shoes.

Recently my five-year-old daughter made an anxious request to me, “Mama I want to grow up fast”.

That got me thinking – What can I do to accelerate in my walk with God?

You see, any child of God who is genuinely hungering after God has this desire to grow. That’s natural. And moreover, God desires mature sons to manifest (Galatians 4:1, Romans 8:19).

But then, maturity doesn’t come by men of God laying their hands on you. It doesn’t even come by you voraciously reading the Word of God (That’s a good start though!)

Want to know the quickest way to mature in the kingdom of God?

Just One Word


Every time an instruction comes from the Word of God, simply obey. Every time Holy Spirit speaks to you, run and obey.

That’s it.

And you will see Jesus manifesting.

Hmm, dear Holy Spirit, make me a doer.

By Pastor Kim D’Souza


Dear Holy Spirit, make me a doer

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