(By Kim)

Have you seen an iceberg? What we are able to see is only the tip of it. But there’s much more to it under the water which cannot be seen with our natural eyes.

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Iceberg – Look at the other side!

Similarly I believe every life story has two sides. And just because we are able to see only one side, we often forget the other side. And that’s where the problem begins. We start judging others based on what we see or what we know.

However if you look at Jesus, His judgment was not based on what He saw.One day when He was teaching in the temple courts, the teachers of the law and the Pharisees brought to Him a woman caught in adultery. While the law made her liable to be stoned to death – that was only one side of the story, which the people could see.

But Jesus preferred to look at the other side of the story.

The other side of the story was that…

…here was a broken and battered woman waiting for genuine words of mercy and love that would prevent her from falling further. And the other side of the story was that those who picked the stones to hit her were themselves under the yoke of sin.

It’s so easy to pick up stones and throw.  “This boy will never change” “This woman always has hurtful words to say”. But next time when you are tempted to do so:

1. Learn to listen to unspoken words. Instead of gossiping or condemning, pray for that offensive brother or sister and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to the other side of their story.

2. Remember people are not bad. It is all about who they are making themselves available to. Our battle is beyond flesh and blood. Don’t fight with people, fight with the devil instead.

3. Often it’s the hurting people who hurt others. So forgive and love. What your judgment cannot do, your love will do. Give extra grace whenever required, just as Jesus gave.

4. Instead of speaking negative words over them, declare God’s Word and His Word will never return void.

5. Pray.  Nothing works more than your prayers!

What are your thoughts on this? How has the Holy Spirit taught you to deal with people?