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This post is by a dear friend Joel Pawar from Navi Mumbai. Joel gave his life to Jesus when he was 15 and has since then been committed to preach and teach the truth of the Gospel, with a vision to reveal the real Jesus from His Word. A lot to learn from this man of God who we have seen passionately reaching out to others with the love of God. Joel is also an anointed worshipper, a gifted musician and a song writer.  [/stextbox]

Have you ever wondered why people don’t receive answers to some of their desperate prayers? I am sure you must have heard them say, “Why is God silent. Why is He not answering my prayers?” Or may be you have experienced it in your own life.

But is there something we are missing here? Let’s dig deeper…

Entering God’s Rest
In Revelation 1:8 Jesus said, “I am the Alpha and the Omega”

Let’s see what Jesus meant by this.

Remember Jesus never spoke Greek but Hebrew or Aramaic, and here is the actual symbolic representation of Alef (Hebrew word for Alpha) & Tav (Hebrew word for Omega).

Alef has symbol of The Cross and Tav of an animal.

alphaSo Jesus actually said,“ I am Alef & Tav or I am the Lamb that was crucified on the cross.”

If you only believe the above, know for sure that Hebrews 4:3 says: You have already entered the Rest of the Father. You don’t struggle or put self-efforts to enter into The Rest, but this rest is given as a free gift to all those who believe in Jesus as the crucified and risen Lamb of God.

Raindrops on Aspen Leaf, Utah


How do these words, Alef & Tav work for our rest?
Only by believing in our desperate moments that Jesus alone has the first and the last word for our life, we have already entered into The Rest of The Father. Anything other than this is a mere lie of the enemy, and so do not believe it at all.

It could be certain facts that you are encountering at the moment like the doctors’ report which says – “Last stage cancer or tumour”, but The Truth, Jesus  Himself, says that “By the stripes I bore on my back you were healed” (1 Peter 2:24).

Whose report would you believe? Facts or The Truth?
Faith does not believe the facts but believes The Truth, i.e Jesus himself.

Father God worked this Rest out for us only by His Favour, His Grace.

Look at Genesis 6:8, where we find  the first mention of the word ‘Favour’ or ‘Grace’, it says, “But Noah found favour in the eyes of God.” The name Noah means Rest, while Favour is Grace of God.

Or in other words, it means: But ‘The Rest’ found the ‘Grace’ of God”

Friends today you may be going through real desperate moments in life, but I want to encourage you to speak to your situation from the place of Rest, and not from the place of restlessness. And as you do that, the Grace of God will bring a breakthrough in your life. Remember only rest can find or bring grace of God!

In the part II of this series, we will see how by just being in the Place of Rest miracles can take place in our lives. Meanwhile how has this word ministered to you? Let us know in the comment section below