July 07,2022

One Thing That Can Kill Your Intimacy With God

One Thing That Can Kill Your Intimacy With God

By Pastor Kim D’souza

By Pastor Kim D’souza

​Our proximity with God is in our hands. He is the One who is the constant in the relationship – always present, always loving and always desiring intimacy with us.

Now picture a relationship where one person keeps ignoring the other, despite knowing what a blessing the other person has been.

That’s being indifferent – An attitude where you are unconcerned or casual about someone. When you know the value of someone’s presence in your life and yet you walk away and act as if the person is not there.

Sadly in our walk with God, our indifference to Him and the voice of the Holy Spirit steals our intimacy with Him. And God hates indifference to the extent that He says if you are indifferent (lukewarm), I will spit you out of my mouth (Rev 3:16).

Here are 3 signs of indifference in a child of God:


1.​Indifference fixes your gaze on the blessing

Indifference makes you fix your gaze on the blessing instead of the one through whom the blessing is present in your life. You see God has no problem in blessing you. In fact, He desires and enjoys it. But the problem begins when the blessings in our life – or family, our job, our ministry start replacing our time with Him.

If the devil cannot attract and pull you down with his evil desires, he will push you into making idols of what God has blessed you with.

The motive of a blessing is to push your heart to hold the hand of the One who gave you the blessing. Are you spending more time with the blessing or the One who holds the key to your blessings?


3 Signs of Indifference

2. Indifference puts limitations on God

Does your life seem to be stagnant or stuck in many ways? One of the reasons could be your indifference to God. This is what God says: Your indifference puts a limitation on me.

The Bible says in Jeremiah 10:23 that our lives are not our own and it is not for us to direct the course of our steps.

That’s why you need to have a prayer life, where you are hearing from God who alone knows the course of your steps. And that’s when limitations start breaking off your life.

When you partner with God and start valuing His presence, the hold of worry and fear will be loosed and you will start hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit directing your steps in every area of your life.

Not just in major decisions of your life, but even in the little things as you partner with God, you will be amazed at the joy you will experience.

3. Indifference gives to God what is spare

Indifference makes God an option in your life among the many others like career, friends, education, marriage etc. It makes one take God and His house for granted.

The Bible says, “For your heart will always pursue what you esteem as your treasure.” (Matthew 6:21 TPT)

Indifference gives to God what is spare, while zeal offers to God what cost him.


A Jesus, Lover who broke all rules

Once there were many rich men who put large sums of money in the offering box. It obviously seemed like they loved God more than others. However Jesus looked at it very differently – He could see that they gave to Him what they could spare. But there was one poor widow who decided, “I am not going to be ruled by indifference.” And she gave to God her two mites – all that she had to live on.

She was a Jesus lover who broke all the above 3 indifference ‘rules’

She didn’t fall in love with what she had, because she knew the real source of it all.

She didn’t care what people who look at her will think or say and limit the hand of her God.

She didn’t give God what she had in spare, instead gave all that she could live on!

And Jesus’ eyes saw what everybody missed and guarantee her life would have never been the same after that!

Can we decide to break indifference to God in our life today?

Let’s surrender the areas where we have not allowed the Holy Spirit to work. Think: How can we be more conscious of the Holy Spirit in our day-to-day life?

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