September 30,2022

Are You Missing God’s Answer That’s Right in Front of You?

By Pastor Derrick D’souza

By Pastor Derrick D’souza

Our God is a God of imagery. He always places pictures in the form of people and situations before us when He has to convey His heart.

When God had to show himself as a Father to generations, He had to raise a heathen man Abraham and make him a Father to nations.

When God had to reveal His love to Abraham and make an everlasting covenant with him, He had to ask Abraham to sacrifice his only Son on Mount Mariah. That was exactly the image of His son Jesus being sacrificed. That’s why in John 8:56, Jesus comes thousands of years later and tells the Pharisees and Sadducees something they were ready to kill him for! He said, that there was a time, (over 2000 years the past), when Abraham in his day rejoiced to see Jesus (The lamb at Mount Moriah). That’s how God placed the Image which Abraham caught thousands of years before it happened and made a covenant with Abraham who then became Father Abraham.

When God had to save Israel from poisonous snake bites, He told Moses to put up a bronze snake on a pole and all that looked at the pole would live. That was an image of His son Jesus on the cross, and all that looked at Him are healed of their sicknesses.

I can give you so many examples!

Image Sent

Catch the Image and the reality will unfold!

Whenever people understood the image God sent them they reaped the blessing and were saved. God always conceals the answer you are crying out for in a man who He will send. You need to be able to catch the image, and then the reality (answer) will unfold.

In 2 Kings 2:9-12, when Elisha wanted a double portion of Elijah’s spirit, Elijah told him it was a hard thing but not impossible. He gave him the secret and told him he needed to SEE him when he (Image) was being caught up and raptured in the chariots of fire.

What does that tell you hungry believers?

Can you see that the fire that you are crying out to God to pour on your life, He has already sent you the answer in the form of an IMAGE! You only need to locate that image and SEE it to have it transferred on your life.

Who is the image God has placed before you?

You are looking for healing, breakthrough in finance, freedom from addictions, life partners, anointing, etc. Look out for the image God has sent you-see through your insecurities and apprehensions of your mind and you will locate the answer from God.

God will always send you the Image for you to seek the reality of what you are looking for. Why?? Because it will have to come through FAITH and not by Sight!

That’s why He had to send His Son, many missed the ‘IMAGE of God’ and never received the Glory that was theirs. God sent the answer to their cry for freedom and oppression the only problem was it came packaged in a Carpenter’s body.

I want to take this moment to celebrate my spiritual Father Prophet Shyju Mathew, who came into my life as an image reflecting my Jesus. For me to accept Him, I had to look at it from my eyes of faith. You see your man of God will not be perfect, yet He is sent for you. This image will reflect the image of Jesus. This image will walk before you and bring discipline, correction in your life and draw you to become more like Jesus. Some of you are waiting for God to speak to you, and you are overlooking the fact that when God has to speak, more often than not, He uses a man.

May this open your eyes to your breakthrough that you have been missing all along!


He has already sent you the answer in the form of an IMAGE!

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