[stextbox id=”or”] We are excited to have our dear friend Ps. Nima Wilson write a guest blog for us this week. A woman after the heart of God, Nima is a powerful intercessor and loves preaching the Word of God. Nima is also associated with Revive Nations and stays with her husband and daughter in Malaysia. Know more about her HERE.[/stextbox]

Last week, I went to counsel a young girl who is a believer. She came with her friend who is a non- believer. While talking suddenly I had an urge to talk to the other girl. Shared with her the Gospel and told her, “Jesus, your daddy loves you”. Immediately she started to cry. Later I came to know that she was an orphan and was adopted. She felt rejected and betrayed by her parents. I led her to Christ and there was so much joy in her.

Many- a-time betrayal, murder, false accusations, backstabbing, causing hurt & pain are caused by people who are in our close circles. They may be your close relative or your best friend. Many of us feel broken when this happens in our life. It might even bring a halt in our walk with the Lord!


It is during this time that we should rise up and say “nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 8:39 NKJV)

Are you relating to what I am saying? It’s time to say to those people – “I love you, I am related to you, I care about you, but I won’t let you kill me”. You better adopt this attitude towards every person in your life. You need to say to them, “Jesus died for me. That’s all the dying that was needed to be done. I won’t let you kill my dream. I won’t let you kill my joy. I won’t let you kill me. I am going to hide myself in Him.

If you are going through this situation in your life, come to HIM. Jesus surrounded Himself with broken, bleeding and weak people. They knew that He offered mercy and forgiveness. Every time Jesus saw a hurting person, He reached out and ministered to their need. Once He saw a man with a withered hand He called Him, “step forward”. Another time He called a crippled woman to Him. Remember HE CALLS YOU ANYWAY.

Thank God for He calls people who are hurt, betrayed or people with a bad past. He reaches out to them and says, “Get up! You can come to Me. Regardless of what you have done or what kind of abuse you have suffered, I want you to come.

Let us desire to be near Him to lay our aching heads on His shoulder and to bring our emptiness to Him so that we receive His fullness.

Did this post speak to you? Need prayers? Need further help? Let us know us in the comment section below. God loves you and so do we!