(By Kim)

There’s no place like H-O-M-E. Isn’t it?

Whether it’s a mere daylong withdrawal or days altogether; at the end of it, the only place that you want to be is your home!

At times I wonder, what is it about our homes that make us longing to be back to it? Is it the sense of rest that it gives? Is it the provision that it offers, be it in terms of food, sleep, security or the company of our loved ones? Or is it the realization that at home we can be just as we are. No pretensions, No airs — simply the way we are. Indeed all of these maketh a home and no other place can match upto it!

In Psalm 90:1 (The Bible-New Living Translation), Moses writes “Lord, through all the generations you have been our home!

Beloved, ‘God’ is the best home that you could ever have because all that you will ever need is found in Him! In Him, you will find comfort and rest. In Him you can find agape love. In Him you find eternal peace. In Him you are secure. In Him you are welcomed just as you are.

God, your home sweet home; a dwelling place like no other!

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