JULY 1, 2018

Goodbye, Olivedose Blog! Introducing Pursue Him International

Today is the day. It’s our big reveal! We are so excited to introduce to you our brand new ministry name and website.

We are launching Pursue Him International (PHI). We call it a movement of the Holy Spirit to raise relentless Jesus lovers who are in pursuit of Him for who He is!

The thinking behind
We realised that our 6 year old blogsite ‘Olivedose’ was not able to aptly represent our long term vision and mission. It gave us a good beginning as a blog but when we expanded the basket of our Gospel resources, this name was not able to cover the entire scope of our ministry.

These thoughts have been running in our mind for the last two years and we have been seeking the Lord about this. That’s what saw the birth of Pursue Him International.

Our vision at Pursue Him International is to Raise Jesus, and our mission is three-fold: Ministry, Mentoring and Media.

Please have a look at our introduction video here

What about Olivedose?
Olivedose blog will now be called Pursue Him Blog. With a brace new look, this blog is your go-to place for notes on Christian Walk, Leadership, Parenting, Media and Marriage which will remain our 5 focus areas. Subscribe here to get our posts regularly in your inbox.

Check Out What’s New
We invite you to have a look around at some of the new things we are doing here. We have introduced some new and exciting resources that we think you’re going to love!

On our site, we have launched Sketchlog – Sketch + Blog. A picture speaks a thousand words and that’s what these sketches will do. Biblical principles will be presented in the form of simple sketches, that we believe, you will enjoy learning from. Subscribe here to get these sketches in your inbox so you can share with your friends and church groups.

Pursue Him podcast is another resource we want you to check. These will be short audio teachings to encourage you to pursue Jesus. Here are a few episodes we have done so far.

Also have a look at The Gospel Shoppe which will be our platform to introduce Gospel-themed products in the near future.

Our vision is to Raise Jesus

We pray that Pursue Him International will raise many Jesus lovers who are in pursuit of Him, for who He is. You can be a part of this journey by subscribing to our ministry updates here.

Let’s pursue Jesus!

Pastors Derrick & Kim

About Pursue Him Blog

Welcome to the Pursue Him Blog, a weekly blog authored by us that will inspire and encourage you to be a God chaser.

On our blog we focus on 5 main catergories: Christian Walk, Leadership, Marriage, Media and Parenting. Not that we are experts in there areas, but we are running the race alongside you!

Articles on this blog are an overflow of our fellowship with the Holy Spirit and we encourage you to consider sharing these posts with your friends if you get blessed. Common now, dive in!