I see a number of two-wheelers moving across the highway. It reminds me that my life is a two-wheeler and God is its driver (rider). I have handed over the breaks, clutch and accelerator to Him. And since everything is under His control, I choose to ride pillion. He has to take care of the traffic and the speed. At the same time, the vehicle needs to be secure from the bumps and lows that come across our way. This leaves me free to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

I can see the limitless expanse of the blue, the lush green grass, the gray-blue mountains and the streams that splatter beside. I can afford to close my eyes and feel the cool breeze brush my face. I can whistle my favorite tunes and stretch my hands like a bird. My hands are free; so is my mind.

As my driver, He is responsible for the way. I am assured that He will lead me through the perfect path and, very soon, we will reach the destination He has planned for me.

While moving, we are intercepted by boulders of various sizes, which make me apprehensive. But my Driver whizzes past them with expertise. The boulders are there for a purpose; they remind me of His command and perfect control.

I can see the other vehicles zoom by and I whine that He needs to speed up. “After all we started first, why are we lagging now?” But how finite my thoughts are! Their speed brings about their downfall. And hasn’t He safely led many before?

I get a bit restless when at times He chooses a longer route, avoiding the short-cuts. What is the need to do so, I wonder? But then, slowly I realize that the short-cuts are not always safe—many lose their way while passing through them.

Remind me, dear God, whenever I question my situation and worry about the minute details of my life, that You are in perfect control of my life. Remind me that You are the Driver and I just need to trust You and sit pretty.

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