I have some exciting news to share with you:

1. The digital format of  my book It’s Your Turn for a Beautiful Pregnancy is now available on Amazon for USD 2.99 only. You can CLICK HERE if you want to buy a copy and support us.

If you are interested in buying a hardcopy of the book, you can connect with us HERE, and we will send the book to you. At present the print form of the book is not available for readers outside India.

2.  We have launched an exclusive website for this book. The URL is: www.beautifulpregnancy.net  This site will give you all the necessary information about the book and also reviews from people who have already read it.


photo(3)Starting from today, I am giving away the digital copy of my book ( in PDF form) worth USD 2.99 free to the first 100 people who subscribe to our blog Olivedose.

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What about the current subscribers?

For all those who have subscribed to our blog already….Thanks for being a loyal reader. We wouldn’t be here without you. As a special thanks, we are offering the ebook free to you too. You will receive it in your inbox shortly.

We need your support

We REALLY need your support so that  this book reaches maximum hands, and here are three simple ways in which you can help us:

1. PRAY & SHARE: First and foremost we need your prayer support. Please pray that the Word of God will set the readers of this book free from their fears, insecurities, negativity and wrong presumptions concerning pregnancy and parenting. That is my very purpose of writing this book. Jesus has a beautiful plan for your pregnancy, and it is much more beautiful than you can think or imagine in your wildest of dreams.

Further you can help me in my mission by sharing this link with as many of your friends as you can, through email, word of mouth or your social media accounts.

2. LEAVE A REVIEW: If the book ministers to you, please leave a review HERE. Better still if you are accessing my book through amazon, you can leave a review HERE.
3.  CONTRIBUTE:  If you have tasted the goodness of God in the areas concerning pregnancy and parenting and if you think your testimony will encourage others and build their faith, please let us know your story HERE. I would be more than happy to include it in the second edition of the book.

Thank you for everything

& Happy Reading!