Watch What You Bring In Your Environment!

golden algae eater

By Pastor Derrick D’souza

By Pastor Derrick D’souza

Recently I introduced a new fish called the “golden algae eater” in my aquarium. This fish was supposed to eat the algae in the tank, but instead it started attacking other fish. Can you believe, this further caused stress in the tank because of which the immunity of the other fish went down and they all contracted a virus!

I was told that this parasite called “white spot” is always present in the tank but could not manifest because the immunity of the fish would keep the parasite away. But as soon as they began to stress, they all contracted the virus!

There are 2 lessons we can learn from this example that can help us.

Lesson 1:

Beware of people who carry names but don’t manifest the fruit of the name they carry.

This new fish was called an algae eater but it never ate algae, instead most of the time it attacked the other fish. So also check the fruit of your so called friends and you will know if they really are your friends or just “stress causing arrows” sent by the enemy to take you away from the destiny that God has for you. They may look like the real thing, talk right, dress right but can they produce the fruit? Are they only professing “Christians”?

Lesson 2:

Beware of what parasite has attached itself to your soul causing you to be burdened and weary.

Jesus said in this world you will always have sin, but beloved the sin got attached itself to you because you were lukewarm in the Spirit. No flies get to sit on a fiery coal placed on the altar!

Because your flesh and soul were in control, you could not see that it was a parasite that you were embracing. You got dependent and entangled in wrong relationships, locations and addictions.

Just because the person is a nice guy or girl it does not mean you ignore the discernment that God wants you to have and live with.

Do you know that until Abraham separated from Lot, he could not get the instruction of the dimensions of the promise land from God (Genesis 13:9 & 14)

There has to be a “separation” before a promotion in the spirit and the physical realm. You cannot expect to think, walk, talk and agree to rubbish with a company of friends who don’t know your God or have never heard His voice.

Think about it, just when you decide to spend time with the lord and get your life in order it is at this precise moment that a “Good Friend” will come with an invitation for a party, or that phone call of a sweet old fire will come!

Don’t ever think a parasite will come to you with horns. No they will try and remain close to you, and will be sent at the right time by the enemy to destroy your destiny.

Don’t be fooled!

Either your led by God or led by this world…

Either your influencing it or it will influence you.

Either you will live a regenerated life or degenerate

Either you will take charge of your life or others will take charge of it.

The reason parasites feed on believers is because they have become lukewarm and are not moving with the Spirit man who God gave them to overcome this world and manifest His glory.

May your eyes be opened to locate what parasite has caused the stress in your life and weighs down your soul.

Today every parasite that has been robbing you time with Jesus dies.

Start moving in the fire that God started in your life!

Either you will live a regenerated life or degenerate

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