Fireplace is an open virtual platform on Zoom initiated by Pastor Derrick to stir up the Holy Spirit fire within you. 

The fire must be kept burning on the altar continuously; it must not go out.

Leviticus 6:13

Look, what the Lord has done!

I am really being challenged and blessed by Fireplace. There are so many spiritual truths that are being shared which are extremely helpful. For the last few days I feel that even as I am reading the Bible, Holy Spirit is highlighting to me things which I would have ignored otherwise. And I am enjoying meditating on the Word. I feel a difference in my walk with Jesus. Also I feel my mind being at rest in many things that I felt I was struggling earlier and one thing that I am experiencing for the last couple of days is something like rivers of living waters flowing out of me(difficult to put in words). I want to thank you for all that you are investing in our lives. May God reward you richly!

Saba, From Navi Mumbai

For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another. (Ps:75:6-7 ) I have been working for the last 7 years, but all these years I have never been promoted. This my second job and I have been working here since the past 2 years. I remember when we were doing the series, "Mass Exodus" on the 2nd zoom call you had said that God is going to promote you. And those words caught my heart because during that time I was preparing for a promotion that I had applied for. I want to thank you for your prayers the result is out and I am finally promoted as a team leader and the promotion came in such a time where in our onshore office in the UK decided to reduce staff from 350+ to just 50. This is my first promotion that I received in my career!

Kishanraj Chhabra, From Mumbai

I am so blessed and changed by the teachings of Pastor Derrick. Don’t know what it would it be like if I was not part of this. I thank God for him and his wife and they are a great weapon in God's hand. I am so blessed by their ministry. Recently I saw an an open eye vision about Pastor Derrick’s house. I saw a demon sitting outside the house and crying as Ps. Derrick had done great harm to him.

Asha Sajit, From Navi Mumbai

I cannot find words to thank Pastor Derrick and Kim for raising me to be a true Jesus lover and how really to live like one. My prayers and the way I now see things have completely changed. I have learned to see life in a different perspective and it's so amazing how I'm being transformed. Every blog I read and every conversation that I am a part of at Fireplace is just life changing. All my life I have heard sermons about only seeking God's hand and my heart never got pleased listening to those sermons. Been attending so many worship concerts and meeting I never took back anything from what I heard. But now I know what it means to run after His heart. Thanks to Pastor Derrick and Kim. I just love them

Daphne, From Chennai

Fireplace zoom meets are working wonders in my life. The teachings are amazing. In one of the meets, it was preached depression and discouragement is the main reason to keep us away from the Lord. So true. I felt God telling me I am precious, beautiful and, child of a the King. I was also led to ask forgiveness and forgive a person who had hurt me in the past and I felt so free after that.Relieved. Also teaching on following the instructions has helped me align my life to the word of God. I am still working on it. Even teaching on using words carefully and keeping away from gossips, negative talks is helping me. Also I have started Delighting and rejoicing while reading the word. The fireplace meet is making me stronger mentally, spiritually and physically, helping me to fight my fears and renewing my mind and life.

Cynthia Dsilva, From Mumbai
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