September 4, 2017

Fighting Over Lollipop Sticks?

By Kim D’souza

    By Kim D’souza

Recently we were returning home from a family trip by road. Sitting on the back seat of our car was our 5 year old son, our 3 year niece, along with a couple of adult family members.

The lush green scenery on the way was mesmerizing, and the intermittent rain only added to the overall beauty.

However we could hardly enjoy the drive because of the two junior members in our car. They were at loggerheads with each other because of the lollipops in their hands. Initially the fight was about whose lollipop looked bigger. We were praying that both their lollipops will finish soon! But we weren’t prepared for what came next. These two kids now started fighting for the lollipop sticks that were meant to be thrown away. Now that was a limit!

I screamed, “I can’t believe you kids are fighting over lollipop sticks.”

That’s when the Holy Spirit whispered to me – that’s what you, my children are doing all the time – Fighting over lollipop sticks.

Fighting and harbouring offence over things that are so irrelevant in the light of eternity.

Afterall, the ultimate goal is to win the race!

Grumbling, complaining, gossiping and getting bitter over people and issues that are of no worth compared to your heavenly calling.

You see bitterness and strife is like a coloured lens on your eyes that changes the perception of everything you look at. So much so that even the good looks get disfigured. And the devil uses this to take you off focus.

It’s time we play smart.

It’s time we stop fighting over lollipop sticks.

It’s time we let go of things that are weighing us down and occupying bulk of the shelf space in our hearts.

Instead, let us be flint-focused on our calling to save souls.

Our example should be Jesus, who had every reason to be bitter and angry at his critics, some of which were His own family members. But He never wasted time in justifying or proving Himself. Instead he was so focused on the Father. In His conversations with His disciples, I am amazed at the number of times Jesus mentions “the Father” and the “Kingdom of God.” His words were only an overflow of what His heart was full of – A passion to fulfill His Father’s will.

Prophet Isaiah wrote about Jesus in Isaiah 50:7 – But the Lord GOD helps me; therefore I have not been disgraced; therefore I have set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be put to shame.

Offences will come. But we can’t change every person around us, can we? But we sure can change ourselves and choose to focus on our heavenly goals. As Paul says in Phillippians 3:14, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

What is of flesh will profit you nothing but what the Spirit of God has deposited in the inside of you has the potential to impact an eternity. So, press on for what has the maximum impact.

And stop fighting over lollipop sticks!

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