I love visiting the house of this friend of mine for one reason. Everywhere you see you will find paper cuttings and scribbled notes of Scriptures from the Word of God stuck on her house walls. And not even the washroom is spared! The Scriptures also remind me of her powerful testimony. After her husband’s sudden death, her life almost came to a halt. She went through severe depression and lost interest in things around her. But she fought back and now God is using her to minister to women around her.

Depression- a killer
Depression is a killer because it drains your motivation, enthusiasm, the very purpose of your life and can result in broken relationships, physical breakdowns and even suicides.  There may be many causes of depression like a sudden untoward incident, fatigue, hurts, worry, anxiety, unconfessed sin, obsession to please people, among others.

Fighting Depression
If you are going through depression in any form, in this post I want to share with you some weapons that will help you fight it. Now these are not simply words of counsel coming from someone, who hasn’t been there; but these are truths that have set my friend free and she desires to pass it on to you.

1. Guard your thoughts: Depression is a mind condition and hence fighting it begins with tackling your mind. Take a strict inventory of your thought life. Only pure, holy, excellent thoughts (Philippians 4:8) are invited in your mind. Give legal notice to vacate all bad or negative thoughts. Your thoughts must align with God’s Word and not your situation, state of mind or feelings.
2. Soak in His Word: Whether you feel like or not, soak in the Word of God. Stick the scriptures on your door posts, walls, wherever your eyes can see them. Plant the seed of God’s word religiously in your heart as only that can set you free. Also pray in tongues all the time.

3. Keep yourself busy: Get out of your routine and do things differently. Make new habits. Find any work you can put your hands too. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Write, take a walk, watch a good movie- do the things that you like. Avoid isolating yourself, rather surround yourself with Godly men and women of God who will build you up.

4. Count your blessings: Begin everyday by thanking God for every little and big thing in your life. Gratitude triggers praise and praise will usher your breakthrough.  Enjoy God’s creation. Enjoy every bird in the sky, every tree, mountain. Also it does not pay to keep grudges. Forgive instantly all who have hurt you. Bless and release them.

5.    Finally enter into God’s rest: Know that your breakthrough is not in striving or worrying, but in knowing your position and identity in the finished work of Christ. Stop being restless about your future, your children, your marriage or your finances. I heard somebody putting it this way: when you strive, God waits, but when you rest, God acts.  Lean on God and not on your own strength or your own ability.

If you are fighting depression and need prayers, feel free to send in your prayer request to us at mail@olivedose.com , we would love to pray for you.