(By Kim)

Last week as Derrick and I were traveling to attend our Sunday morning church service, we were interrupted on the road by a red signal. While we were waiting, a young mother stood near our car window begging for alms. I gave her some money and as I was rolling my side of the window up, Derrick asked me share the gospel with her.

“Do you think she will understand what I say? She is really in not that frame of mind,” I argued.

“You don’t worry about the result, but do what the Word of God tells you to do,” he answered back.

As the signal turned green I quickly shared the love of God with her. I don’t know how much of it she understood, but I was at peace that I did my part.

Focus on the ‘doing’, not the outcome

Through this incident, the Holy Spirit reminded me that how often we miss our miracle because we are so focused on the end result. We want to reason out on how things will fall in place – Will something happen when I pray? Will I succeed in my venture? Will God show up? What if I make a mess of myself?

And soon, overwhelmed by the outcome of our calculations, we refuse to take that step of faith. Whereas God says: Leave the result to me and you simply focus on what I am asking you to do.


I think Christians should live by the slogan of the shoe brand Nike:

Just do it.

While the Israelites were worried about what Goliath will do to them if he wins, it took a young and naive David to trust God at His Word and take on the fight with the giant. He flung a small stone him and the Holy Spirit backed up that stone with so much power that it sunk into the head of Goliath killing him on the spot!  Because David was focused on doing what he was supposed to do rather than worry about the outcome, God took control of the end result.

Psalm 1:3 says – whatever he does, God prospers. You see the blessing is in the ‘doing’. Two things happen when you start doing God’s Word or obeying His promptings in your life:

  • One, it gives no room for your mind to doubt, question, fear, rationalise or reason out what you already know you should be doing!
  • Second, faith takes over! You create an opportunity for the power of God to be released/ manifested through your obedience and attract His blessing and favour upon your life. Your obedience to God’s Word gives birth to a miracle or basically the impossible becomes possible!

As you are reading this, I don’t know what step of faith God is asking you to take. May be He is prompting you to do something that you have never done before; may be lay hands on someone and pray or may be even command the dead to rise.

Am telling you – Just do it.