(By Kim)

Last couple of weeks has been a lull on our blog. There is a reason for it and I am happy to share it with you. I was tied up with the closing of my second book. It’s called:

Media Nuts & Bolts for Your Ministry

And it’s out now!!!

Media book for churches and ministries

The book provides some really cool information on various forms of media that Churches and ministries can make use of to reach the unreached. (And you will not find such detailed information easily on Google 😉

In this resource you will discover aspects like:

1. How to design a ministry/church logo
2. How to make impactful websites
3. How to get into Television ministry
4. How to train volunteers towards media excellence
5. How to write a book
6. How to make use of internet streaming
7. How to start a blog
8. How to use social media
9. How to broadcast your sermon online
10. How to write a script for videos/movies
11. How to shoot a video
12. How to edit a video
13. How to build a mobile app
14. How to use Whatsapp and Group SMS for ministry
15. How to get into podcasting
16. How to stir up your creativity

To know more details about the book, go here: www.olivedose.com/mediabook

Here’s the best part

Currently the book is available in PDF/e-book format and you can get it completely FREE by subscribing to my blog. All you need to do is fill the form on the top left hand side of this page. Once you do that and confirm your subscription, I will email you the download link to this amazing free resource.

That way whenever we post fresh content on our blog, we will send you an email and you won’t have to visit our blog to stay up-to-date. Plus, you can unsubscribe at any time.

We plan to bring out such useful resources for you from time to time and subscribing to our blog will ensure that you won’t miss them.

A personal mail to your pastor/youth leader/media head

We would be happy send a personalised email and present this ebook to your pastor/youth leader or ministry media-in-charge. If you want us to do that, please send us your pastor’s name, email id and your church/ministry name details at olivemediacom@gmail.com

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Let me know what you think!

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Happy Reading!