October 12, 2020

Caterpillars. And a Word For You

By Pastor Kim D’souza

    By Pastor Kim D’souza

Yesterday morning in the park, I was stopped in my tracks by something colourful that I saw on the leaf of a plant. A closer look, and I saw so many caterpillars all over this plant. I have never seen something like this before. Here are some pictures I took.

And I heard the Holy Spirit say, there are so many of my children that carry beautiful destinies within them but are stuck. They are meant to soar like butterflies, but years have passed and they are stuck being a caterpillar.
The Now Word from Holy Spirit

Interestingly a group of caterpillars is called an army! So here was an army that was in a state of handicap.

Then I heard the word “course corrections”. When a spacecraft gets off its trajectory, or path through space, course corrections are needed to bring it back on track.

What is it that you are battling right now? It’s not just enough that you pray about it – Don’t wait for God to do something, when 2000 years ago He has done everything and won every battle for you. May be God is waiting for you to do something. Wake up before its too late!!! If you are facing a problem consistently or fighting the same battles of lack, temptations, addictions, brokenness, ask the Holy Spirit to give you the wisdom to make course corrections. What should you be doing, what you should not be doing. What does the Word of God say about my situation? Is Holy Spirit throwing light on some areas that I need to change? Am I in line with God’s Word?

You are the army of the Living God, so move, don’t stay in the rut. Don’t give up. Don’t let your destiny be aborted before time. Find and Fight.

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