April 11.2022

Big Launch 🚀🎉 + Powerful FREEBIES For Parents

Pursue Him International is thrilled to launch NO ORDINARY PARENTING, a ministry dedicated exclusively to parents and young couples.

NO ORDINARY PARENTING is a movement with a vision to raise a mighty army of children who walk with the Living God.

This is something that God put in our hearts last year and all this while our team has been working hard on bringing it to fruition.


Click on the image below to see our intro video


No Ordinary Parenting Website

We have also launched our digital platform for No Ordinary Parenting. On our site www.noordinaryparenting.com you will find exclusive resources, blog articles and details that will help you in raising no ordinary children.


Christian Parents, 7 Mistakes we can avoid – New Resource Launched


Christian Parents, 7 Mistakes we can avoid

NO ORDINARY PARENTING is a movement with a vision to raise a mighty army of children who walk with the Living God.

Is it getting difficult to be a Spirit-led parent? Struggling to lead your child in God’s ways? No matter what your struggle, this Ebook will help you identify and resolve 7 mistakes Christian parents make.

Mistakes cannot be harmful if corrected on time, however when mistakes are repeated consistently, they can cause lifelong damages to the child’s life.

You can sign up on No Ordinary Parenting Website to get this powerful resource for FREE!

How can you be a part of NOP ministry?

Whatsapp “HELLO NOP” to us on 91-7700842075 to get added to our mailing list and this way you will get our exclusive resources and updates from time to time. You can also help us spread the word by forwarding this email or the below message to the parents in your circle.

Hey there, check out noordinaryparenting.com a movement with a vision to raise an army of children who walk with the Living God. Check out their weekly blog articles + exclusive resources! You can ping them “HELLO NOP” on their whatsapp no. 91-7700842075 to be a part of their mailing list.

FREE Phone Lockscreens

Meanwhile before we go, here are some catchy phone lockscreens for you to remind you, that you are called for No Ordinary Parenting – Parenting that may not be perfect, but is led by the Holy Spirit.

Free Phone Lockscreens
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