April 28, 2020

Become a Major in God’s Eyes

By Kim D’souza

    By Kim D’souza

When we think of men in the Bible who walked intimately with God, names like Enoch, Abraham, Moses and David among others flash across our minds.

Ever thought of minor prophet Hosea?

The Bible categorizes prophetic books into Major and Minor. Of course, the minor prophets were in no way lesser in stature or power than the major, but the distinction is done on the basis of length of the books written by them – books of the major prophets are longish, while the books of the minor prophets are relatively short.

Books of the minor prophets begin with Hosea. While Ezekiel saw dry bones becoming flesh, Isaiah saw the train of the Lord fill the temple, Daniel saw dreams, Hosea’s story doesn’t speak of anything spectacular. His story was rather painful. He was told by God to marry and have children with a prostitute, in order to draw a parallel to God’s unconditional love for Israel, which kept betraying the living God for idols.
Hosea walked intimately with God

Hosea 1:2 says – When the LORD first spoke to Hosea, He told him, “Go, take a prostitute as your wife and have children of adultery, because this land is flagrantly prostituting itself by departing from the LORD.”

Picture it – this is the first time God is speaking to Hosea. And it was not a message of encouragement or edification, but something that required Hosea to take a drastic step.

I think Hosea was intimate with God because He knew the voice of God at the first go. Only when you have walked with someone long enough, you will know their heart. There was no doubt in Hosea’s mind that it was the voice of God.

“I know with absolute clarity that this is God. I have studied him long enough to know his heart”.

He knew the heart of God well, even when the way of the Lord didn’t make much sense.

Hosea knew his call, and he didn’t waste any time in comparing himself to the other prophets of his time, but followed his tough assignment whole-heartedly.

What will make us major in the eyes of God is not the titles we carry or the ministry numbers we flaunt, but how closely we know God and fulfil our assignment He has for our lives.

This season, can I encourage you to:

Know God intimately and

Know his assignment for your life!

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