(By Derrick & Kim)

We are thrilled to announce that we now have a Podcast!

It’s called HELLO SINGLES!

Hello Singles!

This will be a short weekly podcast featuring answers to frequently asked questions from singles on topics like discovering God’s will for your life partner, preparing for marriage, financial planning, dating and friendships, etc. Of course, the basis of what we share will be the infallible Word of God.

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The Purpose behind #HelloSingles

God placed a burden on our hearts for the unmarried boys and girls who are so lost without proper godly guidance when it comes to making decisions related to marriage. Sadly the purpose and beauty of marriage is terribly skewed in the minds of the younger generation and this is where we thought of sowing into singles. And, thus Hello Singles was born! The primary purpose of this podcast is to equip and prepare ‘singles’ towards a blessed marriage in Christ.

We also thought that Podcast as a medium could be effective in reaching out to this generation, which is less inclined to reading and more open to listening.

We speak about all this in the introductory episode of our Podcast. You can hear it below:

The idea was in our minds for long, but the execution took a lot of time – may be because it stretched us beyond our comfort zone in every sense of the word. But thank God for His grace – where we are weak, he is strong! We may not be perfect, but praise God, we are learning. We are thankful to Samuel Anand who designed the coverpage for us and of course Robin Singh, our silent Samaritan, who helped us set it up.

So if you are a single and if you have a question which you want us to address, you can mail it to us at: hellosinglespodcast@gmail.com

Want to partner with us in our purpose?

We believe this podcast will be a blessing to the singles, do check it out. If you believe in the vision behind this podcast, here is how you can help us:

1. Please introduce this podcast to the Singles you know so they can benefit too.

2. If you are a pastor or youth leader, please consider sharing #hellosingles podcast links with your youth.

 3. Use your social media platforms to share, like, tweet or pin our episodes as we release them.

Till we post again, have a blessed week!