Marriage is a beautiful covenant ordained by God. Sadly the world presents a distorted view of it.

May be some of you have reached a point in your marriage where you are wondering, “What’s there in it for me?”

Recently I came across the below video on the net. It tells the story of Bill and Glad who have spent 50 years of togetherness as a couple. Glad was diagnosed with dementia eight years ago, and that’s when Bill could have easily asked the question, “What’s there in it for me?”

But here is what he did:

Video Courtesy: cvcnow

The video received an overwhelming response and Bill, when interviewed later by 60 Minutes Australia had this to say:

True, as Bill says, the basis of marriage is selfless love. And this kind of selfless love can only come by knowing the selfless God.

If you have not already, then decide to make Jesus the centre of your marriage and His love will sweep over every mountain that you may be encountering today.

If you have a prayer need concerning your marriage or if you are looking for a soul mate, send in your prayer request to us through the connect page, and Derrick and I would love to pray with you.