February 15, 2017

5 Things You Should Know About This Pic

By Kim D’souza

    By Kim D’souza

Recently I clicked this snap of my kids. Here are 5 things I was reminded of as a mother when I was looking at this pic.

1. Children are a blessing from the Lord

Do not conform to the patterns of the world when they tell you that children are a burdensome responsibility. I see this trend nowadays: Marry late, get kids even late. And watch out – one is more than enough to handle (In fact I sense that more often than not couples plan for one child as a formality just to keep the wagging mouths of the world around them shut).

Trust me if I had to advise my children, I will tell them exactly the opposite: Marry early and have kids early.

2. Heart of service

Sometimes I long for some “my time” – when I am able to do what I want, or may be just do nothing and laze around; but my children take priority. They teach me the heart of service, which is to look beyond my personal needs and care for others.

Even through this pic, Holy Spirit taught me.

3. Fellowship with Jesus

I feel so happy when I make them both sleep. Because this is the time that I long for – when I would spend with Jesus. But sadly, more often than not, like this night when I ended up doing other household chores when they slept.

I realise it is more easy to walk and fellowship with Jesus throughout the day than to put Him in a slot. Jesus need to be the God of my routine and not merely a part of my routine.

4. Focus on the Giver

Sometimes as mothers our world gets too centered around our kids. In one word that’s called – Worry, which Jesus asks us to get rid of. It’s so easy to forget the Giver and get too focused on the gift.

I also remind myself: My priorities will be my kids’ priorities. In fact whatever I do, the generation after me will go one step ahead. For example: If I seek His presence and His kingdom first, my kids will be better at it. If I feel ok to miss my Sunday fellowship for petty reason, my kids will be better at it.! If my kids see me with a phone in my hand 12/7, they will have it 24/7!

5. I realise I am not at all a perfect mother

I scream, I yell – sometimes I cry – because I don’t know to handle my kids. But I thank God, He doesn’t expect my perfection but my surrender. Because it’s only in my surrender His strength is made perfect and in my weakness His grace becomes sufficient.

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