May 15, 2018

5 Practical Tips on Leading Worship

By Pastor Derrick D’souza

    By Pastor Derrick D’souza

Continuing on the topic of worship that we touched upon in our last blog post, here are some learnings to have effective times of worship that minister to God and his people which the Holy Spirit has taught me over the years:

1. Worshipers are not singers!

Singing songs is NOT Worship! Songs have to lead us to ultimately worship Jesus. People put a lot of efforts into getting the song right but miss the call of a “worshiper”. We finish the song and then get ready for the next one. You can only truly worship before others when you have a revelation of God in your private life. Worship is what SPONTANEOUSLY COMES OUT OF YOU when God brings a revelation. Please read the below scriptures to understand the use of the word “worshiped” to get the context. Revelation 5:14, 7:11, 11:16.

2. What you soak yourself in is what you will overflow

Immerse yourself in God’s Word. A worshiper without being rooted in God’s Word is nothing but a performer. We have all been in that place at some time in our life but we must progress if we have to make our calling sure.

3. Mediate on your song list

Never take a new song that you yourself need to look at the words to sing. Always mediate and let the words be written in your heart so that you are not distracted when worshiping. You must keep everything spontaneous and straight from the heart. These little foxes can create the distraction to keep you from what God may want to reveal to you at that moment.

Worship without the Word is a mere performance

4. Always support the leader who is leading the praise and worship

Don’t overpower or try to sing or repeat a verse because it’s your favorite song. Be sensitive to the one who is leading as the Lord may be speaking to him/ her to do something at that moment. All musicians/ singers should be fine tuned into picking up cues or signals that the worship leader may be giving them. Hence it is most important that we do not close our eyes and lose contact of the leader since we are working as a team.

5. Work as a team

It is very easy to lead worship single handed but very hard to work as team to create an atmosphere of worship and not distraction and confusion. Hence choose songs that you know could work to the strengths of the team. I mean don’t take a complex chord-work or intense guitar/ keyboard intros, high pitch songs that no one in the team can recreate.

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