August 03, 2021

5 Marriage Tips From Abraham’s Life

5 Marriage tips

By Pastor Derrick D’souza

By Pastor Derrick D’souza

*The life of Abraham is a storehouse of wisdom. In this post, we bring to you 5 marriage tips from the life of Abraham. To hear a more detailed audio version of this post, CLICK HERE*

1. Got your vision?

“Where there is no vision, the people perish;” (Pro 29:18)

Before the call of God came into Abraham’s life, he was stuck in a place called Harran, where he was never meant to be, with a barren wife, a dead brother and eventually a dead father (Gen 12:31-32). Abraham lacked a vision for his life. But when the call of God came, a vision was birthed in his life and that of Sarah’s, that led them to be a blessing to nations.

If you find your marriage stuck at a stage where it was never meant to be, is it because your marriage lacks a vision? Husbands, especially, as heads, do you have a vision for your life?

God vision keeps marriages less selfish and more united. It gives purpose to your marriage and keeps you focused on the bigger picture. If you and your partner doesn’t have a vision yet, it’s not too late to seek God regarding His plan for your life.

God vision keeps marriages less selfish and more united.

2.When God asks you to walk away…

When God called Abraham, the first thing He told him was, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.” (Gen 12:1)

God’s call on your life will require you to separate from things, places and even certain relationships that are causing an hindrance in your marriage.

Learn to put away the voices that are speaking and bringing division in your married life, even if it is a family member. For ex, many married couples decide to stay with their parents even after marriage because they want to please their parents lest they lose their inheritance. But those very things you are holding onto and God is asking you to leave will be what keeps you from your God purposed destiny.

The Word of God clearly says, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” (Gen 2:24)

If you say you trust God, you must also trust Him to be your Provider and boldly walk away from whatever He asks you to let go of.

3.Be led by the Word & Spirit

Here’s an advice that will save you from frustrations, disappointments and loss of time: Always be led by the Word and the Spirit in your marriage.

“The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.” John 6:63

Abraham was led by the voice of God, and the more he obeyed the voice of God, more was given to him in the Spirit. He received increased encounters and visions that carried him in his journey.

The quicker and faster you obey God’s voice, the more you can be trusted with greater things of the Spirit and you will see your marriage flourish.

4.Submitting to God

“For I have chosen him, so that he will direct his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord.” Genesis 18:19

God had complete confidence in Abraham that he would command his household to walk in the ways of the Lord.

Husbands and fathers, do not forget that you are the spiritual head of the family. God expects you to lead your household in His ways.

Also, remember husbands and wives, don’t expect anyone to submit to you if you are not submitted to the Lord in Spirit and truth.

When you do not submit to God, you will see rebellion and dishonor in your family. But, when you submit to God in reverence, submitting to one another becomes easy.

Just as Jesus was submitted to God, we need to be submitted to Him; the wife needs to be submitted to the husband, and the children to the parents. And when this line of submission is done right, you begin to see the blessings and grace come upon your family.

5.God’s way or your way?

God promised Abraham and Sarah a son. But they couldn’t wait and tried to fulfil this promise by going their own way to get a son; hence Ishmael was born. Abraham and Sarah went through some unnecessary troubles as a result of this.

Husbands and wives, if you have a promise from God, allow God to bring about that promise in His way rather than being impatient and doing it your way. Because what He promised, He alone can bring forth. When we go out of God’s will and His timing, we end up with disappointments. Never try and do in your own strength what God said He would do for you.

God’s call over Abraham and Sarah was to make them a blessing to nations. And that’s His call over your life and marriage too. He doesn’t want you to be just a family, but be a blessing to nations.

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