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Every girl has a story!

Sadly, many of these stories are filled with heart breaks, pain, rejection, confusion, hidden hurts and even abuse.

What could have gone wrong? Any tell-tale signs that I missed? Or better still, going forward, how can heart aches be avoided? And how do I know if he is the right man for me?

Well, we have it all covered for you!

This book is a powerful weapon in your hands that will expose the hidden traps of the enemy and fireproof you from relationship pitfalls

It will save you from years of pain and provide Biblical answers to your questions like:

  • How do I steward my heart and body as a single?
  • What are the risk zones in dealing with the opposite sex?
  • How to guard my heart against toxic relationships?
  • What are the lies about singlehood that I may have believed?
  • Is the man in love with me or its just lust?
  • How do I know that he is the right one for me?
  • How to deal with addictions, temptations and a bad past?
  • How to shield myself from abuse?

Plus: Answers to FAQs you didn’t know who to ask



God has placed in us a desire and need for relationships, especially marital!

You are worth waiting for

This chapter gives practical examples of how our identity has been formed when we go through life but God gave us  an unchangeable identity.

How Daughters are different from girls

The chapter explores what it is like to be a daughter of God and grapples the tension between a daughter and a girl.

Get your first date right

The core of any relationship is about getting to know our first love. When you know the author of love first everything else is an overflow.

Six lies girls believe

This chapter attempts to dispel 6 big lies every woman tends to believe when it comes to singlehood, marriage and relationships. 

Is it love or lust?

Lust is a perversion of what God created it to be good. Explores several practical risk zones to avoid. 

Friendship with Opposite sex & How the devil can trap you

This Chapter explores how a soul tie can develop , what is a soul tie and ways to break off from it.

Ten Biblical filters for your man

No man is perfect but God gives certain guidelines when it comes to choosing your life partner.

Answers to Questions you didn’t know who to ask

Practical answers to questions and experiences a girl goes through and ways to over come.



About the Authors

Kim D'Souza

Pastor | Author

Kim is the co-founder of Pursue Him International, a ministry of the Holy Spirit to raise up relentless Jesus lovers who are in pursuit of Him, for who He is!

She loves meditating on the Word of God, and what God speaks to her overflows in her creative pursuits – be it writing, designing, scripting or photography. ‘It’s Your Turn for a Beautiful Pregnancy’, God Encounters, Three Questions from the Holy Spirit to Keep you from Falling are some of the books she has authored.

She loves being a mother to Jeremiah and Amyra, who remain the bigger focus area of her ministry and calling. Together with her husband Derrick, she enjoys serving God and have Matthew 4:23 as the vision for their lives.

Alisha Jose

Co Author

Alisha is a Jesus lover and an evangelist who operates in the gift of healing. As Alisha was healed of many sicknesses miraculously when she was young, she now has the heart to see the sick get healed in Jesus name.

Studying in a girl’s school, she and her best friend founded the ‘Singles Club’ to encourage girls to stay single until college. However, the club didn’t last long and at the end of the school days, except for she and her friend, all others were in a relationship! Jokes apart, Alisha has lived closely with single girls, a major part of her life and has a deep understanding of the issues they go through.

Alisha has done her part time Bible Diploma from Charis Bible College. A software engineer by profession, she also heads the media team of Pursue Him International.

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